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Cash Cube Money Machine

Money Machine Cash Cubes on sale. Our cash cubes blow paper money, coupons or cash around players who try catching as much as possible in a certain allowed time. Our casino grade cash cube booths are available in many styles and price levels and are perfect for promotion of companies and organizations or for renting to others for big profits. Our inflatable cash cube are the most practical money machines we carry. These inflatable money machines are economical and easy to transport and set up. The original cash cubes have a durable hard body made out of aluminum and plexi glass with models that would rival casino standards.

inflatable cash cube

Inflatable Cash Cubes

money machine cash cube

Money Machine Cash Cube Booth

table top cash cube money machine

Table Top Cash Cube Money Machine

xtreme cha ching

Xtreme Cha-Ching Puck Game

plinko pot of gold game

Plinko Pot Of Gold Game

Cash cube machines are some of the most effective business promotional products because they allow everyone who plays, a chance to win money while providing great fun for observers. These money machines are used by casinos, auto dealerships, banks, radio stations, trade shows, business grand openings, fund raisers, employee promotions, the rental industry and more to promote their business or ideas. Cash cubes can be used to blow cash, paper money, vouchers, certificates or any paper product. Winnings are controlled by time in the cash cube, denomination of cash or value of certificates, and amount of cash or certificates in the machine. Usually about 200 bills are inserted into the cash cube made up of mostly one dollar value bills or certificates. Larger bills can be mixed within the machine to increase perceived value and excitement of playing the game. Rules do not allow players to pick up bills below their knees or to trap money with their body against the machine wall. They may catch bills only in the air. All contestants must wear safety glasses and exit when directed to. Player handicaps such as wearing obscuring glasses, using only one hand or having to stuff winnings in a pouch or pocket can extend the amount of time players can be in the machine.

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